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Hic et Nunc
Turnovše 17, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Phone386 (0) 41 754 929
Monika Skaberne

Phone386 (0) 41 682 989

The band is not active anymore.

Archival article

Hic et Nunc are one of the main protagonists of Slovene garage rock'n'roll. They have been playing together since the very early nineties and they show no signs of quitting. They are a constant musical force, characterised by vibrant live shows and an authentic rock'n'roll attitude.


Video of Hic et Nunc performing "One More Cup of Coffee" at the Bob Dylan tribute concert in Križanke, Ljubljana.


The garage rock band Hic et Nunc was founded in 1990, interpreting rock, blues, punk and garage in an innovative way. Currently, Hic et Nunc is made up of musicians Bruno Subiotto (vocals and harmonica), Bernard Kogovšek (guitar), Tomi Popit (bass), and Boris Kerimov (drums). In 1992, the band played at the Novi Rock festival and in Holland, and in 1993 they appeared at the No Border Jam Festival. The band's first album was self-titled, released by FV Music in 1995, and was proclaimed the Best Record of the Year by Radio Študent (RŠ). The band subsequently performed at the Forbidden Fruits for Civil Society festival in Utrecht, Amsterdam. In 1996, Hic et Nunc represented the Slovene rock music sector at the international multimedia festival Balkan Dreams in Greece. Also in 1996, Hic et Nunc were headliners at the two-day festival Rock under Siege in Sarajevo. Their album Lava was released in December 1996, with the EP Howling Monkeys' Blues following in 1998. That October the band, together with fellow Slovene group Dicky B. Hardy, toured the US, performing 26 concerts in 17 states. The tour received third place on the eminent "Beatle Bob" list.

Bruno Subiotto joined the group in 1999. In 2002 the new album Manitu, produced at Studio Tivoli Productions in Ljubljana, was released by Statera Records. The video for "Death in the Desert" received high acclaim. Their fifth studio record Burn Fat Old Sun was released in 2004 and it featured Chris Eckman of The Walkabouts fame as the producer and musical guest. The record also featured the legendary Texan Terry Lee Hale as a musical guest.

Members of the band have also been also very engaged with other projects. Bruno sings and plays in two bands – Incurabili and Dicky B. Hardy. Luka plays drums in a garage rock'n'roll band, The Real Things. Tomi and Bernard play in The Frictions. Bernard Kogovšek also released a solo album, available on a Bandcamp link bellow.

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