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Sabina Briški, Head

The Creative Europe Desk Slovenia was established in January 2014 as a new information and advice service to promote Creative Europe (2014-2020), the new EU programme for the cultural and creative sector, replacing the former Media Desk and the Cultural Contact Point Slovenia.

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Media Desk Slovenia is the national information office for the MEDIA Programme of the European Commission, the programme supporting the European audiovisual industry. Its two main goals are: to improve the competitiveness of the European film, television and new media industries and to improve the international circulation of European audiovisual programmes. Following these two goals the activity of Media Desk Slovenia focusses mainly on the training of professionals, the development of production projects and companies, the distribution of cinematographic works and audiovisual programmes, and the promotion of cinematographic works and audiovisual programmes, including the support for film festivals. Through its website, Media Desk Slovenia also provides online information on the EU MEDIA Plus and MEDIA Training programmes, tenders, deadlines, and news. The website also offers basic information on film organisations in Slovenia.

Since its inception in 2004, Media Desk Slovenia has organised several workshops per year. Among them, one of the most important – not just for professionals but also for the larger audience – was unquestionably the workshop which took place during Kinofabula (Filmska fabula), an event that aimed to build a bridge between literature and cinema in the scope of the Fabula Festival of Stories. Mediadesk Slovenia has organised Filmska fabula in collaboration with the Študentska založba Publishing House in the period 2007–2010. Following the nature of the event, the workshop mostly concentrated on different aspects and phases of screenwriting. Each year Media Desk Slovenia invited a well-known expert from the field who then worked with students and young professionals. The list of guests included: Jürgen Wolff, expert for pitching (2007), Jacques Akchoti, consultant for sreenwriting (2008), Christian Routh, consultant for script development (2009) and Miguel Machalski, screenwriting and story development expert (2010).

The second event organised by Media Desk Slovenia that has become a regular yearly appointment is called the Neighbouring Co-production Meeting and it takes place during the Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe). Addressed to producers, decision makers, experts, and interested public, it serves as a platform for new co-production partnerships as well as for gaining knowledge on new technologies.

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