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Festival Osebno–kolektivno

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Nataša Serec, Head of Project

The festival has been retired in 2013.

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Personal–Collective Festival is a 2-day festival of modern improvised music, dance, and visual arts. The festival is based on the presumption that in artistic practice, especially in improvisation, one cannot separate personal and collective, moreover, these notions are intertwined. Launched in 2010 by KUD Mreža Arts and Culture Association in co-production with Središče Art Centre, it is held in Klub Menza pri koritu, the open theatre of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, and in Cyberpipe. It was devised by Seijiro Murayama, a Japanese experimental musician and percussionist currently residing in Paris, who in recent years has collaborated with a number of Slovene and international artists. Murayama envisioned the festival as an opportunity to get acquainted with different art forms and to present the work of the artists with whom he has collaborated on various workshops and concerts.


The festival brings artists from various European countries who perform as individuals, in prearranged or spontaneous groupings. They belong to various art genres such as improvisation music, painting, visual arts, performance, theatre, and sound art. The initiator Seijiro Murayama has performed each year. In 2010 we listened to Jean-Luc Guionnet from France, Luciano Maggiore and Dominique Vaccaro from Italy, Tim Blechmann, Klaus Filip, Noid and Stefan Fraunberger from Austria, and others. In 2011 twenty-one artists performed, among them Jean-Luc Guionnet, Eric Cordier, and Annette Krebs. We also must not forget to mention a few Slovene acts, active in the local improvisation scene: Tomaž Grom, Irena Tomažin, Neža Naglič, N’toko, and Luka Prinčič.

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