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God Bless This Mess
Ulica Štefana Kovača 1, SI-9231 Beltinci
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Founded byDruštvo za razvoj elitne kulture (D.R.E.K.)
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God Bless This Mess is small but lively alternative/indie/experimental rock record label established in 2005. Based in the north-eastern region of Prekmurje and connected tightly with the activity of MIKK Youth Information Cultural Club, Murska Sobota it represents a further stream of small productive music collectives in the region, starting with the alter-rock network Prekmurje Noise Conspiracy (P-N-C), which in the near past has represented bands like Psycho-Path.

On the roster of God Bless This Mess label are bands like the "post-rock" Štefan Kovač Marko Banda (abbr. ŠKM Banda), the hip hop band Stekli psi, the electrophonic-noise-rock group Automassage, the young folk revivalists Mlada Beltinška banda, the electro-noise duet Hexenbrutal, and the two-man garage R'n'R band Kweefpossum. Most of these bands have taken part in the past Club Marathon circuits.

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