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Druga Godba Festival 2010 Stefan Kovac Marko Banda with guests Photo Ziga Koritnik.jpgŠtefan Kovač Marko Banda and guests Mlada Beltinška Banda (Prekmurje, Slovenija), performing at Križanke during Druga godba Festival in Ljubljana, 2010

Štefan Kovač Marko Banda (abbr. ŠKM Banda) is a guitar "post-rock" quartet from the village of Beltinci in the Prekmurje region of north-eastern Slovenia, rebuilt from the members of defunct band Avant-Garde in 2003. The band named itself after the fallen national hero Štefan Kovač-Marko, the organiser of the resistance movement against fascist occupation forces at the beginning of WWII in Prekmurje.


The band drew broader attention after its involvement with the Club Marathon in 2005. In the past years they have extended and mastered the fusion of elements from various music genres – including rock, guitar noise, jazz-like and hardcore licks and strong rhythmic pulse. Concerts around Slovenia and abroad followed.

ŠKM Banda performed together with colleagues, folkies from the town of Beltinci, Mlada Beltinška banda at Druga Godba Festival 2010.


Since 2005, they have released 4 albums, all published by the Prekmurje-based God Bless This Mess label. Their début album was Patentat (2005), followed by Šamar-janka (2008). The next release is a recording of the live performance in the studio of public Radio Slovenia is called Izštekani, named after the respectable broadcast show modelled on the well-known international example (Unplugged). In 2011 ŠKM Banda released the album Rdeči [The Red], available also on vinyl.

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