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Mlada Beltinška banda was established in 1997 with the intention of cultivating and nurturing the tradition of the music of the Prekmurje region (in the northeast of Slovenia). The original band consisted of 10 members, but the band later took the shape of a quintet with band members aged between 18 and 21. They have toured all over Europe and Slovenia and always attract supporting crowds to their concerts.

Mlada beltinška banda performing their version of Slovenian folk song "Marko skače" at the 2011 edition of Kamfest.


Mlada Beltinška banda are five-piece ensemble playing traditional folk songs from the Prekmurje and Bela krajina regions in Slovenia, as well as those from Hungary and Russia and some other songs from individual authors. Inspired by rhythms and melodies from all over Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, the band maintains that they are rockers at heart. They are skilful at approaching contemporary music as well, evidenced by their collaboration with Štefan Kovač Marko Banda and their contribution to Voda v očeh [Eyes Full of Water], a film made by Jože Baša.

Their first record came out rather late, in 2008. It was released by God Bless This Mess Records and called Špilaj! [Play!].


In addition to appearing on many television shows and in numerous documentaries, Mlada beltinška banda have also toured extensively in Slovenia and overseas (Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia). They were guests of the esteemed Prekmurje native Vlado Kreslin when he performed in Ljubljana's Cankarjev dom in 2013.

One of their most notable peformances was the one organised by the European Parliament. The European Parliament holds an open day in Strasbourg every year at which EU member states present themselves. This opportunity was given to Slovenia in 2008. In addition to the folklore group Plamen from Škocjan na Dolenjskem, Mlada beltinška banda performed at the event. In 2009, Mlada Beltinška banda also performed (together with Automassage, Tsigoti, Stekli psi and Lollobrigida) as a part of God Bless This Mess festival held at Klub Menza pri koritu. The ensemble members also have good memories of their excellent 2013 performance at the longstanding Okarina Festival Bled organised by the Bled Cultural Institute.

All of the band members are very attached to the Prekmurje region, which plays a vital part in their music, although they are open to many different musical inspirations. Although their performances are few and their advertising sparse, the ensmeble focuses instead on the quality of their music and providing a treat for their listeners when they do play.

Band members

Mlada Beltinška banda are Miha Kavaš (violin), Blaž Ščavničar (clarinet), Dani Kolarič (cymbal), David Santro (accordion) and Luka Ščavničar (double bass).

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