Prekmurje Noise Conspiracy (P-N-C)



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Prekmurje Noise Conspiracy (P-N-C)
Cvetkova 2b, SI-9000 Murska Sobota

As the Prekmurje Noise Conspiracy (P-N-C) has not been active for a long period, the article about it was put into the depot. Below you can read the archival article. Please be aware that certain links and contact information may no longer be valid.

Archival article

Prekmurje Noise Conspiracy (P-N-C) was "an ideas community, a tribe, a family, a posse, a syndicate, an image label, most importantly a solidarity system of individuals and groups". As a cultural and social collective of bands and individuals they formed a network and provideed help for upcoming artists from the eastern regions of Slovenia: Prekmurje and Prlekija.

P-N-C was initiated by the band Psycho-Path in 2003. Its other members were younger bands including Manul, Rae Mikkelson, The Unlisted, Sphericube, Dežurni krivci, and Y [pronounced: "why"]. There were also a number of individual members including electronic music producer Kleemar, GT Oblivious and Ivor Knafelj, all formed within the community network of MIKK Youth Information Cultural Club from Murska Sobota, the Te MIKKa Festival team and with indie/alternative record labels such as God Bless This Mess and Moonlee Records.

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