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Zorana Velnarja 7, SI-9000 Murska Sobota
Managed byGod Bless This Mess
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Matej Končan (alias Kleemar) is an electronic composer and musician oriented towards analogue electronic sounds. Kleemar's music, commonly described as IDM or intelligent dance music, profoundly reaches beyond firm genre categorisation and varies between melodic post-rock and electronical dance sound expressions, usually produced with his old Fender Rhodes keyboard. Watching Kleemar's live act with his band (Sašo Benko and Ivor Knafelj, also members of Psycho-Path, Manul, Stekli psi, Werefox, Plueg) is a special experience, since all three members play and exchange their instruments, such as different old-school keyboards, synthesisers, bass and electric guitars. Kleemar's music is always live and therefore open for new and fresh experimentations.

Kleemar on Izštekani.

Other work

Kleemar is also a member of the Slovene-Croatian electro-pop-rock group Lollobrigida and appears on their second album Lollobrigida Inc.. In 2004 he performed on the Club Marathon and in 2006 on Izštekani (Unplugged), a show on Radio Slovenia hosted by Jure Longyka. In 2010 he was the opening act for Dan Deacon in Klub K4. Nowadays he is more into creating music for theatre, he has cooperated on various shows produced by SNG Nova Gorica, SNG Maribor and Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL).

As a part of God Bless This Mess record label he is currently working on his first record release.

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