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Ljubljanski oktet
Krekov trg 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Igor Švara, Artistic Director

The Ljubljana Octet ceased with its activities in 2013. See below the archival article.

Archival article

The Ljubljana Octet was founded in 1972 as a student male octet within the framework of the Academic Choir Tone Tomšič, University of Ljubljana. Today, under the artistic direction of Igor Švara, it is one of most representative Slovene chamber choirs. Its members are Igor Smolič and Sebastjan Savnik (1st tenor), Anton Anžlovar, Janez Drašler (2nd tenor), Damjan Švara, Boris Bobek (baritone), and Aleš Lajovic and Gregor Habjanič (bass).


The major part of the octet's repertoire consists of Slovene folk songs (adaptations by Slovene composers France Marolt, Matija Tomc, Zorko Prelovec, Luka Kramolc, Pavle Kernjak and Danilo Švara), plus male-voice choral compositions from the Renaissance, Romantic and National Revivalist periods. A special place within the octet's activities is reserved for the compositions of contemporary Slovene composers: it has given premières of more than 50 modern Slovene works. Its discography includes the series Slovenija moja dežela, and an interpretation of Missa Aux Cathedrales by C. Gounod and Missa in F by J. G. Rheinberger (Nika Records, 2004). }}

International competitions and festivals

The Ljubljana Octet has participated in several important international competitions and festivals, including the Langenargener Sommerfestspiele on Lake Constance; the chamber music festival Voci d'Europa in Porto Torres, Sardinia; the Festival of Choral Music in Larissa, Greece; the festival Polifonia at Alpe Adria at Schio, Italy; the European Musical Forum, Budapest, Hungary; and the C. A. Seghizzi International Singing Competition in Gorizia, Italy (first prize). The octet has performed concerts in Italy, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, Spain, the states of the former Soviet Union, Canada, the USA, Australia, China, and Tibet. The octet has also received the Slovene national music award, a Gallus Plaque from the Gallus Foundation.

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