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Memefest Awards
Slovenska cesta 55b, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 41 953 695
Managed byMemefest - International Festival of Radical Communication
Oliver Vodeb, Founder and President of Festival

Every year at the Memefest - International Festival of Radical Communication the festival jury bestows the Memefest Awards in four categories - Communication Studies, Sociology, Visual Arts and Beyond... - and also confers honourable mentions on other inspiring works. The international jury is composed of distinguished professors and artists as well as professionals from the spheres of journalism, design, advertising and social marketing. In order to get a Memefest Award the submitted work must have received an average rating of 8.0, thus awards are not given in all categories every year. An award called 'Big Scream' is also given to non-students, eg advertising agencies for poster designs. Through the web interface, the jury provides extensive commentary on the works, providing feedback to the participants and inviting online public discussion.

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