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Contact info
Nagrada Monodrama
Slovenski trg 13, SI-2250 Ptuj
Phone386 (0) 2 749 3250
Fax386 (0) 2 749 3251
Organised byFestival of Monodrama, Ptuj
Peter Srpčič, Director
Ana Strelec Bombek, Coordinator

The biennial Festival of Monodrama, Ptuj, organised since 1998 by the Ptuj City Theatre, includes the presentation of the Monodrama Award for the best Slovene monodrama. The winner receives a Monodrama Ptuj Badge and a financial prize.

In the Slovene space, the festival presents a unique opportunity for the presentation of monodramas to the wider public. The festival presents monodrama stagings of institutional theatres and of professional actors in non-institutional productions. The programme of the festival is made based on applications and selection of the organising theatre's artistic director, who selects 5 to 7 performances for the competition programme.

The festival has thus far hosted monodrama performances by Café Teater, Imaginarni Institute, Rozinteater, Koper Theatre, Ptuj City Theatre, Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL), etc. The 2008 recipient of the award was Valter Dragan for his interpretation in Zoran Hočevar's Driving One Mad [Za znoret], produced by Koper Theatre.

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