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Radio Slovenija - Prvi program (RA SLO 1)
Tavčarjeva 17, SI-1550 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 475 2222
Fax386 (0) 1 475 2524
Managed byRadio Slovenia
Miha Lampreht, Director Radio Programmes
Phone386 (0) 1 475 2436
Darja Groznik, Managing Editor
Phone386 (0) 1 475 2229
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A1, the First Channel of Radio Slovenia, covers the whole territory of Slovenia via 18 FM transmitters and one AM transmitter at 918 KHz. It is also broadcast via the Hot Bird satellite and is available live and via text and audio image at the website. A1 targets the widest possible audience and presents all kinds of music, including folk, pop, country, and classical music. It also provides air space to young and amateur singers and musicians as well as to professional musicians.


A1 is Radio Slovenia's most traditional service. Operating 24 hours a day, it offers a morning news and information service, followed by a range of broadcasts targeted at elderly people, adults, teenagers, and children, plus news bulletins, a daily panel discussion and programmes on education, foreign and local politics, business, culture, music, and entertainment. The evening programme also includes a news broadcast in English and German languages.

According to Radiometrija/Media Pool, Slovenia's most listened-to national public radio stations in 2009 were the Second Channel – VAL202 with a 12 per cent audience share, followed by the First Channel – A1 (RA SLO 1) with a 10 per cent audience share.

Arts and culture programme

A1's organisational structure comprises three teams who are responsible for information programmes, music programmes (GP), and cultural programmes (KUP). The KUP team is further subdivided into literary programme editorial, drama programme editorial (which produces several radio plays), and children/youth programme editorial. The education programme editorial falls under the information programme team.

The KUP team prepares weekly broadcasts on film, books, and theatre as well as broadcasts for children and youth. Within its music programme KUP prepares broadcasts on individual music genres. Cultural broadcasts take place mostly in the late afternoon, in the evenings and at weekends. Some A1 programmes are also broadcast on Radio Slovenia Third Channel - ARS.

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