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Contact info
Satoration Studio
Kneza Koclja 27, SI-2000 Maribor
Andrej Hrvatin, Director

Located in Maribor, Satoration Studio ("satori" meaning a sort of enlightenment, a sudden insight in Zen buddhism; "saturation" in the sense of improvement (of sound), often a parameter on retro amplifiers) is, bluntly put, focused on indie, alternative, electronica, jazz, and world music mixing and post-production. It doesn't offer specialised mastering or complete mixing services, but can offer this service for demo purposes or "stem mixing". Satoration Studio has a "do-it-yourself" philosophy and also offers guidelines for production and assistance with final touches. A second aspect of their philosophy is affordability, so they keep their fees very low.

With the aim of enhancing/making audible the emotional impact of recordings, lo-fi, acoustic, and audiophile stereo recordings, natural ambience, reverberation are used along with compression, EQ and other contemporary studio wizardry for creative purposes. Mix-per-mail is also possible. The studio is also skilled in experimental, radio, and voice-over production.

Satoration Studio has worked (among others) for the following authors and groups: Zlatko Kaučič, Samo Šalamon, Rok Predin, Tadej Vesenjak, Vasko Atanasovski and Adrabesa Ensemble, Zmajev rep, Coma Stereo, Dazhbog Ensemble, Brencl banda, The Kripls, Harmonika Abnormen, Dragonfly Story...

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