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TV Slovenija 2
Kolodvorska 2, SI-1550 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 475 2111
Fax386 (0) 1 475 2160
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Managed byTelevizija Slovenija
Ljerka Bizilj, Director, TV Programmes
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TV Slovenia 2 is the second TV channel of Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia). It offers a more specialised service with programmes generally aimed at narrower audiences, a wide range of live sports coverage, but virtually no news. TV Slovenia 2 is broadcast via terrestrial, digital, and satellite signals and can also be watched online.

Arts and culture programming

The second channel airs the weekly TV show ARS 360 devoted to the art of living, design, visual, and experimental art, covering the latest happening in Slovenia and abroad. The show I Care About Books [Knjiga mene briga] is produced by the programme unit for children and youth and discusses the latest book editions with interesting guests from the field of literature, humanities, and science.

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