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TV Slovenija 1
Kolodvorska 2, SI-1550 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 475 2111
Natalija Gorščak, Director, TV Programmes

TV Slovenia 1 is the flagship television channel of Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia). It offers a general-interest television service with newscasts, feature films, documentaries, sitcoms, talk shows, series, children's programmes, variety shows, and live coverage of significant national events. TV Slovenia 1 is broadcast via terrestrial, digital, and satellite signals and its own television production can also be watched live online.

Arts and culture programming

The first channel airs several weekly magazine-style shows on arts and culture aimed at a more demanding audience. For over 20 years the TV show The Eighth Day [Osmi dan] has covered both contemporary and classical cultural events and trends, varying from film, performing arts, visual art, music, and cultural heritage.

The channel's other significant monthly TV shows about culture are the show Artificial paradise [Umetni raj] on film art and The Art of Play [Umetnost igre] on theatre. The show Traces [Sledi], produced together with TV Koper-Capodistria and RTV Slovenia, covers amateur and folk art from all the Slovene regions and is occasionally also produced by the regional TV Maribor. All TV shows can be found at RTV Slovenia's video archive website.

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TV Slovenija 1 +
Natalija Gorščak +
Andraž Pöschl +
+386 / 1 475 2160 +
TV Slovenija 1 +
SI-1550 Ljubljana +
Director, TV Programmes +
Culture Programme Editor +
Kolodvorska 2 +
TV Slovenia 1 is the flagship television channel of Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia). +
+386 / 1 475 2111 +
Ljubljana +
SI-1550 +
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