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The band is not active anymore.

Archival article

The beginnings of the band Tide date back to 1998. At that time, while working as a studio musician in Amsterdam, Kevin Koradin formed a rock band with an international cast and started writing music for it. With time, the band has changed its line-up and then released their début album in 2005. They play straight-ahead hard rock music that can also slide into a slightly more grunge, new wave, or indie sounding songs, which are all sung in English.


The core of the band used to comprise the Danish drummer Mikkel Brink, Kevin Koradin, and his friend Matej Batelič, with the latter two also having a common history in the band Revolver. Mikkel and Kevin recorded their first album in Amsterdam and after returning to Slovenia, Tide morphed into a rock quartet that is today formed by the singer, guitarist, and song writer Kevin Koradin, the bass player Matej Batelič, the drummer Blaž Sotošek, and the guitarist Tine Čas. For a time, Peter Kokotec, Anže Žurbi, and Gregor Jakac also played in the band.

Discography, gigs & awards

All of Tide's albums – Seven Days (2005); Nothing To Lose (2007); Regeneration (2009); and No. 4 (2012) – were released at CPZ (Cela pametna založba), with Regeneration also released by the German label Antstreet Records.

The band, when still in its root set-up, already had a few concerts in Florida and the Netherlands. After moving to Slovenia, Tide played at numerous rock festivals (Njoki summer festival, Lent Festival, Rock Otočec, Zmaj 'ma mlade Festival, Gra(n)d Rock Sevnica ...) and clubs. They toured with Siddharta and were warm-up bands for Uriah Heep, Slash, and Iron Maiden.

One of their albums was nominated by a Belgrade national radio for the best ex-Yugoslav album. They were also awarded two Zlati zidak [Golden brick] awards by RTV Slovenia, one for their song "Adieu" and another for being the best group in Slovenia.

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