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Kurz Rock Vibe d.o.o.
Resljeva 26, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 231 7153
Andrej Težak, Director

Phone386 (0) 41 789 034

Kurz Rock Vibe is a private company with a diverse set of services, all related to the entertainment industry. Alongside managing and booking music groups, event management, festival booking and PR, it also runs a a platform for all of these enterprises in relation to stand-up comedy. Though primarily dealing with Slovenian artists and organisers, it also offers services to the international market and listing, for example, the Sziget Festival among its clients.


Kurz Rock Vibe came into being after the merging of Rock Vibe Music Promotion (RVMP), a booking and management agency from Nova Gorica, and KURZ Institute for Organisation and Promotion, a similar organisation from Ljubljana. RVMP evolved out of the now defunct Rock Vibe, a rock magazine published during the 1990s, which in its later years began to promote music, organise concerts, and offer management skills. Similarly, KURZ started as a record company which gradually expanded its services. Both having a good and varied selection of bands under their wing, they embarked on a joint venture in 2006.


While the bands managed by Kurz Rock Vibe are more or less of Slovenian origin (for example, Elvis Jackson, Tide, Sell Out, Hex and Werefox), Kurz Rock Vibe arranges bookings for Slovenia and Southern/Eastern/Middle Europe for a number of local and foreign (American, French, Croatian, Swiss ...) bands – from the local rock legends Demolition Group to the regional big names such as S.A.R.S. and Rade Šerbedžija, and a number of other groups of various genres. Some of them are Makako Jump (reggae, IT), Lollobrigida (electro pop, HR), Los Explosivos (MX), Extrema (heavy metal, IT), Carne Cruda (salsa, USA), Kiss Forevere (Kiss cover band, HU), etc.

Kurz Rock Vibe also operates a record label that came with KURZ Institute, which is called CPZ (Cela pametna založba).

Events and festivals

Kurz Rock Vibe team used to work with italian’s Rototom Sunsplash festival, the biggest European reggae festival. They were cooperating on Soča Reggae Riversplash festival, and are now part of the organisation team for Overjam Reggae Festival at Sotočje in Tolmin. There they also work with MMC Mink Multimedia Centre at setting up Tmin Undercover Rock festival and also some other rock festivals throughout Slovenia. While it was still active, they also co-organised Njoki Summer Festival, which is now continuing as Punk Rock Holiday, also held at Sotočje.

Currently, Kurz Rock Vibe does part of the booking and event logistics for Lent Festival and is the official local promoter of Sziget Festival from Hungary.

Stand-up comedy

Kurz Rock Vibe also organises music festivals and has in 2008 founded Slovenia's biggest festival of stand-up comedy called Panč. It is anually held at Ljubljana Castle and since 2009 also biannually in Zagreb, Croatia.

They also produce theatre, stand-up comedy, improvisation shows and are involved in some other activities along this vein, taking care of the whole production process from education (even leading a stand-up school), booking and management onwards.

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Kurz Rock Vibe d.o.o. +
Andrej Težak +
Kurz Rock Vibe d.o.o. +
SI-1000 Ljubljana +
Director +
Resljeva 26 +
Kurz Rock Vibe is a private company with a diverse set of services, all related to the entertainment industry. +
Kurz Rock Vibe is a private company with a diverse set of services, all related to the entertainment industry. +
+386 / 1 231 7153 +
Ljubljana +
SI-1000 +
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