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Contact info
Trentarska muzejska zbirka
Dom Trenta, SI-5232 Soča
Phone386 (0) 5 388 9330
Managed byTriglav National Park Public Institution
Marko Pretner, Head

Trenta Lodge TNP Information Centre and Museum 2014 01.jpg

Originally opened in 1953, the Trenta Lodge became part of the Goriška Museum in 1958. In 1993 Triglav National Park opened an Information Centre there, introducing additional artefacts relating to the natural and cultural world of the Julian Alps. Nestled in the beautiful mountain village of Trenta, located in the Soča Valley on the western border of Slovenia, the Trenta Lodge is also an information point from where visitors can hike the Soča River Trail, the oldest trail in Triglav National Park.

Exhibition and activities

The TNP Information Centre incorporates a multivision presentation on the Triglav National Park, video installation Secrets of Soča River made by Andrej Zdravič, plus exhibitions on animate and inanimate nature, the cultural landscape, and the interaction of man and nature. The museum presents a reconstruction of the living quarters in a house on the mountain pastures and illustrates the life of the people of Trenta in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Exhibitions include photographic material as well as objects from the life of the local people.

Since 2007 the TrentaArs Workshop is organised every summer with renowned Slovene artists, whose main goals is to make quality art on the topic of humans and nature. The international music forum of the Vienna Philharmonic for young musicians is also organised there.

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