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Provided by: Slovene producers and institutions, Slovene photographers via SPP Institute for Promotion of Photography, taken by the team, free licence photos from Internet.

  • Format: optimum= 3000 x 2000 px, at least 2 MB (PRINT quality!), minimum 1000 px for the shorter side, above 1 MB
  • Use & licences: available for further use (no derivatives!), also for commercial purposes.
  • Number of pictures, numbering: Max of 12 pictures (in some cases - historical pictures, high-quality pictures, festivals) more; in case of many pictures from the same producer, of the same subject - place the number at the end


Provided by their owners

  • Format: preferably in a vector format (svg, ai, pdf)
  • Use & licences: C - logos are available for download - used with the permission by their owners.


  • Basic template
    • Photobox (+ CC-by-nd-2.5 + Category:Images)
  • Subtemplates = types of photos
! there is no need to add the related Categories, i.e Category:Books, etc (the automated cats are in the brackets)
    • Event (+ Category:Images + Category:Events)
    • Book (+ C + Category:Books)
    • Poster (+ C + Category:Design + Category:Posters)
    • Periodical (+ C + Category:Publication covers + Category:Media)
    • Film (+ C + Category:Films + Category:Artifacts)
    • Painting (+ C + Category:Paintings + Category:Artifacts + Category:Visual arts)
    • Sculpture (+ C + Category: Sculpture + Category:Artifacts + Category:Visual arts]]
  • Logo template
    • Logo (+ Category:Logos)


Groups of images - how to organise FREE IMAGE BANK?


See Categories


What is on the photo?

Mind the false friends: Venue or group/artifact? - Venue= information about the space

ALWAYS! Top categories  = by discipline - subportals - top menu

[[Category: Architecture]]
[[Category: Dance]]
[[Category: Design]]
[[Category: Film]]
[[Category: Literature]]
[[Category: Music]]
[[Category: New media art]]
[[Category: Theatre]]
[[Category: Visual arts]]

[[Category: Intangible heritage]]
[[Category: Monuments and sites]]
[[Category: Museums]]

+  (menu left)
[[Category: Libraries]]
[[Category: Archives]]

For additional subcategories see the whole list at:


PHOTO EDITORS (Ali, Lidija, Živa)

  1. check the size of the file - if more than 1000 px on the shorter side, it is okay, you can remove SIZE in status line
  2. check the Template (in old files) - lots of images have none or old (incomplete) templates - after the template had been checked and corrected, fill in the data available - when finished delete PHOTOBOX in the status line (the date of the photo is sometimes indicated in the metadata - a box at the bottom of file page)
  3. when the file is categorised correctly, delete CATEGORIES
  4. if the photo features people, or you are not able to find information that is vital, leave the LOCALINFO - for other editors to have a look and add the missing information (people, venues, etc) - please explain in the Talkpage of the article (Discussion -upper corner left) about it

EDITORS (by Živa, Admin, Editor)

  1. delete the images of low quality or double images with the same information
  2. check the URL (namespace) - rename (move) the file when needed (delete the redirect) - ! this information is downloaded with the image - organise the data in the way that various images could not be interchangeable are not interchangeable (Hamlet - Slovene National Theatre Drama - you need to add the director's name if there are pictures of several historical performances))
  3. check the articles with LOCALINFO - look into Talkpage to see what info is missing,etc.

Photo status


  • URL (Živa) = namespace according to the naming convention
  • PHOTOBOX (Lidija, Ali) = checked template type + all/possible properties filled in; when deleted it stands also for "PHOTO EDITOR WAS HERE!"
  • LOCALINFO (Lidija, Ali) = still missing some information (either in description or in any other property field - people, venue, related article etc.)
  • CATEGORIES (Lidija, Ali, editors) = tagged
  • SIZE (Lidija, Ali) = if too small (if not, delete it)

Photo description guidelines


  1. Minimise use of "in", "at", "on", etc. by using only a comma.
  2. Be consistent with order of information and amount of information whenever and wherever possible. Some information about each photo will not be available or can be added later. Important is that the general order is consistent.
  3. Test for consistency by reviewing all of the photos under a particular article as well as the same photo under different category lists. Another good comparison test is to look at similar articles.
  4. Include title of a performance/exhibition/book/project in English in the "Description" field.
  5. Put the original (Slovenian) title of a performance/book/exhibition/project into the Title line of the Photobox.
  6. Include year when possible, after the name (of group), location (of event), at the end (the date of photo is sometimes in the Metadata (camera data) of the File (below)
  7. If you know who is in the picture, please add their names to the descriptions AT THE END (IN BRACKETS From left to write:... , On the picture:...) - often the ones on the picture are not included in the other fields such as "Artist", etc.). List the names of the people in the picture as they appear from Left to Right. Names of artists can be also added throughout the pipeline by the English editor, Admin or Editor, or even by suggestion of the organisation's representative.
  8. Try to include enough pertinent information in the description that the photo doesn't seem too "generic" if it appears in a category list. It should still attempt to make a clear connection to the organisation if possible. (For example, instead of writing only Mobile Library, 2006 write Mobile Library, Beno Zupančič Library Postojna, 2006.

Formatting rules

  1. In the description you should tag with Internal link the names of Slovene authors and the article name (check for the name!)
  2. Use the PIPE for correct tagging in such case: Metka Krašovec's Morje
  3. Follow the general MOS formatting rules for italics. In short: names of "(larger) works literature and art" – visual art works (paintings, sculptures, etc.), plays & performances, art exhibitions, musical albums/CDs, books, epic poems – are in italics. Names of periodicals, magazines and newspapers are also italicised.
  4. Names of songs, short poems, short films, articles, chapters in books, in "double quotation marks".
  5. Names of festivals, conferences, etc. in Title Case without italics or quotation marks. (Use Festival not festival.)
  6. OPEN QUESTION: For the moment keep the terms "Performance", "Theatre performance", "Music concert", "Dance performance" in the descriptions. We will discuss with the editorial team the need and use of this information.
  1. Models can be found at the following articles:
    1. Beno Zupančič Library Postojna
    2. Equrna Gallery
    3. Roza's Theatre
    4. Flota Institute (poses some questions for discussion)

Namespace (URL) guidelines

PORTRAIT namespace

FULL NAME (subject)_year (number)_Photo PHOTOGRAPHER'S FULL NAME

add the year of the portrait (if available and different) + number (if many photos of the same subject)

ARTiFACTS namespace

AUTHOR - TITLE - keyword (painting, sculpture, design) only when needed - Photo:
  • Examples:




BOOK - Publisher + year + title of the book!

MAGAZINE - Name of magazine + year + month or no. of issue


MUSEUM NAME (or BRANCH NAME) - year of photo - permanent exhibition (or name of the temporary exhibition) (01 if many)


EVENTS namespace

PRODUCER (or festival)_YEAR_EVENT TITLE_ location (if abroad)_Photo PHOTOGRAPHER'S FULL NAME
  • Examples





  • OPEN
    • where should we put the number in case of several pictures of the same subject
    • time coordinate or not?

VENUE namespace

(museums, galleries, cultural centres, theatre houses, halls)

MUSEUM name - location? - Photo PHOTOGRAPHER'S FULL NAME
MONUMENT/SITE (subject) (add numbers if many 02) - Photo PHOTOGRAPHER'S FULL NAME
  • Examples:





Photobox guidelines (types of images)

PORTRAIT photobox

  • Photobox (+ CC-by-nd-2.5 + Category:Images)

Description writing conventions

  • See template properties arguments = Photobox
  • profession + name (Slovene personal names as internal links [[]]!)
  • in case of historical personality - (birth-death year) next to the name

Related article - links to the related organisation (producer, journal, monument, etc)


  • Category:Portraits
  • Category: Film (Theatre, Literature, etc...
  • Category: Music groups, ensembles and orchestras - for choirs, bands

? *Category: Producer? (music producer, theatre producer?)

ARTIFACTS photobox


  • Book (+ C + Category:Books)
  • Poster (+ C + Category:Design + Category:Posters)
  • Periodical (+ C + Category:Publication covers + Category:Media)
  • Film (+ C + Category:Films + Category:Artifacts)
  • Painting (+ C + Category:Paintings + Category:Artifacts + Category:Visual arts)
  • Sculpture (+ C + Category: Sculpture + Category:Artifacts + Category:Visual arts]]

Description - Basic data about the artefact (author, title, technique, measure, year)

  • Example :

|description=Metka Krašovec's Morje, acrylic on canvas, 130x160 cm, 2009

Related article: gallery, publisher


  • !! False friends: Gallery, Venue!

wrong categorisation

EVENTS photobox

  • Event (already tagged with Category:Images + Category:Events)

Related article - links to the Venue (if space is visible), Producer (manager), Festival, Award (in case of Festivals)


  • Category:Events (concerts, etc?)
  • Category: Film, Theatre, Literature, etc...
  • Category:Festivals in case of festivals
  • Comments: mind the difference between the Venue (Gallery) and Event (Exhibition)

- Examples:


  • Do we keep this template
  • If yes - more properties fields
  • Template:Events used also for festivals*

VENUES photobox

(museums, galleries, cultural centres, theatre houses, halls)

  • Photobox (+ CC-by-nd-2.5 + Category:Images)


  • The name of the subject with a short description, features, location, time coordinates? - put the related article names into internal links brackets [[]]



|description=Equrna Gallery in the former stables for Napoleon’s army


Related article - links to the related manager (e.g. Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage), managing institution or hosted institution


  • Category:Venues
  • Category: Film, Theatre, etc...
  • Category:
  • Comments: !!! bands, artifacts, festivals not categorised by venue if the photo does not provide any info about the space/place


Categorisation: Arboretum flowers, Lipica Hourses

Old images archive


  • to create pages for each professional photographer (SPP stock). EXAMPLE: Žiga Koritnik


  • Photos in Teaser changed by random choice
  • Upload file - select Template