Slovenian Federation of Filmmakers' Guilds


Zveza Društev slovenskih filmskih ustvarjalcev
Kersnikova 12, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Klemen Dvornik, President

The Slovenian Federation of Filmmakers' Guilds was established in 1950 as the Association of Slovenian Filmmakers. It is one of the oldest film organisations in Slovenia and has had an important role in the development of Slovene cinema as it helped to found many important institutions like the Viba Film Studio and the Slovene Film Museum (today part of the Slovenian Cinematheque). It organised the first yearly showcase meant for the domestic film production, that is, the Week of Slovene Film (which later became the Festival of Slovenian Film).

Currently it has a membership of around 200, including film directors, directors of photography, screenwriters, producers, costume and set designers, etc. Apart from funding programmes, awards management and involvement in cultural policy, it organises film evenings, film workshops and seminars. It is regarded as an expert association whose activities serve the public interest.


With the intention to honour the achievements of Slovene filmmakers and to emphasise their merits in spreading film culture, the Federation bestows the Metod Badjura Award for lifetime achievements. The Metod Badjura Award is the main national film award, granted annually at the Festival of Slovenian Film. Each year the Association also submits its proposals for the candidate for the annual national Prešeren Award and Prešeren Foundation Awards and selects the national applicants for the Academy Award (OSCAR) in the category of foreign language film, as it holds the AMPAS licence. In addition the Association collaborates with Kolosej Cinemas in bestowing the Golden Roll Award: since 2001 it has been given to every Slovene film that attracts more than 25,000 viewers (one Golden Roll Award for each 25,000 viewers).

The Federation's members take part in administrative boards of different public film institutions and organisations like the Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia), the Slovenian Film Centre, the Slovenian Cinematheque, Viba Film Studio and Glosa Union [Sindikat Glosa]. Its members also participate in varied expert committees, forums and juries. The Federation gives annual grants to prospective and established film makers. Since 2004 it has offered working scholarship purchased out of the National Library compensation scheme.

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Zveza Društev slovenskih filmskih ustvarjalcev +
SI-1000 Ljubljana +
The Slovenian Federation of Filmmakers' Guilds was established in 1950 as the Association of Slovenian Filmmakers. +
Ljubljana +
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