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Ambasada ŠKM Beltinci
Štefana Kovača 1, SI-9231 Beltinci
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Ambasada ŠKM Beltinci is an autonomous zone and youth club in Beltinci, a small rural town in the Prekmurje region. It was semi-formally established in 2003 and since then it has firmly entrenched itself in the cultural landscape of the region. The venue itself is situated on the grounds of a shut-down factory, which were actually used by some local music groups for rehearsals even back in the 1990s. Among the wide array of activities taking place, there are various workshops, movie evenings, lectures, music concerts, exhibitions, and charity-oriented projects.

Ambasada ŠKM Beltinci has strong ties with the MIKK Cultural Club in Murska Sobota and other regional culture protagonists such as God Bless This Mess Records, who even have a studio there.

The music programme predominantly (but not exclusively) consists of musical genres like metal, punk, HC, rock, and experimental music. The Winter Breka Festival is held here, and occasionally also God Bless This Mess Festival and the Club Marathon. Some of the bands hosted at Ambasada include Demolition Group, Štefan Kovač Marko Banda, Staer (NO), Viscera Trail (IL), My Education (US), Jealousy mountain duo (DE), We Ride (ES), Punčke (HR), Tresspass Trio (SE), etc.

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