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Kraški solisti

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The Kraški solisti band is not active any more.

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This avant-garde free jazz trio comes from the Sežana karst region and, although a band is most recognised by its frequent solo pieces, which take a major part in its unique and open music expression, hence the name Kraški solisti (Soloists from Karst). The group's sound is often described as Dada noise or radical improvisational free jazz, achieved by constant usage of different instruments within brass, string, woodwind and percussion section. Kraški solisti's first album Ustanove sreče [Institutions of happiness] (2009) was released under RŠ record label and was well accepted amongst jazz fans and alternative local media.

Kraški solisti performed on various free-jazz events as head-liners or as support for foreign bands and were a part of the Club Marathon in 2001. They appeared twice on Defonija, a frequent concert event of free-jazz music held at Metelkova. In 2009 they supported ŠKM Banda on their live performance in the Radio Slovenia studio in the show called Izštekani (Unplugged).

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