Maribor Electronic Destination International Festival


MED - Maribor elektronska destinacija, mednarodni festival elektronske glasbe
Kneza Koclja 9, SI-2000 Maribor
Phone386 (0) 2 229 4012
Aleksandra Kostič, KIBLA President

Festival dates12.2.2016 - 13.2.2016

In 2017 the festival continued its existance as a concert cycle.

Archival article

The Maribor Electronic Destination International Festival (MED) has been run since 2008 by the KIBLA Multimedia Centre and is a sort of sister project to the (now retired) (DA)(NE)S Festival of Microtonal Music and a few other festivals and events that are set up by KIBLA. It presents different genres of electronic and electro-acoustic music and focuses on a reconciliation between the more experimental side of electronics with its dancefloor-friendly outlets. Besides concerts and club events, the MED also organises workshops, lectures, art projects, and round tables and is thus an important and self-aware contributor to the development of the electronic music scene.

In terms of time and space, the festival has since its start been an evolving event. It was held in two different halls of the Pekarna Cultural Centre, in various places of the KIBLA Multimedia Centre and in the KIBLA Portal, a recently opened exhibition place for contemporary art. Usually, it lasts for two days.

Andy Stott, Howie B, Cut Hands, Paulo Olarte, Toni Jarvis, Schlammpeitziger, Gudrun Gut, Antye Greie-Fuchs and Stefan Betke aka Pole are a few of the very diverse selection of foreign artists that were hosted by the festival. Of the local musicians who presented their music on the festival, one can name Ago Tela, Dodecahedragraph, Kleemar, Rojter, Lo-hi-fi, Yanoosh, Nitz, DJ Rocca, and also many others.

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