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Društvo Galerija Boks
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The Galerija BOKS Society is an organisational platform for various projects that relate to contemporary art, especially its critical examination and the conditions of its production. Predominately involving the younger generations of art critics and practitioners, the majority of BOKS's interventions nevertheless address the wider public interested in contemporary artistic practices.

Currently, the main vehicle for this is Šum: Journal for contemporary art criticism and theory. Its biannual publications are complemented by a series of live engagements in the form of lectures, discussions and seminars, through which both theory and practice are scrutinised and developed.


The BOKS Society was established in 2010 when it was more or less meant as a formal entity, through which the Projekt BOKS (initiated in 2009) could be funded. Conceptualised by students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the Faculty of Architecture, this project was to create an autonomous venue for artistic production and presentation. Due to differences in how autonomy was viewed by the academy and the initiators, the project was prematurely terminated and instead resulted in a symposium, entitled "How to think autonomous structures within the University" and organised together with the The Workers and Punks’ University.


Later, in 2012, BOKS produced the so-called "Reading evenings" at the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (MSUM), reading and discussing relevant texts on the issue of history, art and documentation. This was followed by the "Politics of Exhibition", a project that acquainted students with the basic workings of the art system by organising lectures that critically examined its exhibiting and producing politics and conditions.

Another such educational endeavour was called "Youth on the juncture between art and society", which involved meetings and discussions about six select art pieces from Slovene national museums and galleries. Co-funded by the EU, its resulting publication led to the founding of the journal Šum.


Most of the current BOKS activities now happen under the "brand" of Šum, a journal funded by a consortium of mostly public art institutions, among them, Moderna galerija / Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana plus Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, City Art Gallery Ljubljana, Maribor Art Gallery, the International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, ŠKUC Gallery, Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts and the Celje Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Besides publishing texts (accepting those written in English as well), other activities include seminars on theory of contemporary art, on curating of contemporary art, and on analysing contemporary art; live presentations of new journal editions; and other lectures, talks and debates which relate to art, theory and politics.

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