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Festival Krawal
Organised byKUD Rov
Festival dates3.7.2015 - 4.7.2015
1.7.2016 - 2.7.2016
21.7.2017 - 22.7.2017
20.7.2018 - 21.7.2018
19.7.2019 - 20.7.2019
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Krawal Festival is an annual two-day open-air festival that takes place in the last half of July on a meadow in Jesenovec, close to Železniki. Since 1993 it has been organised by the cultural club Rov and a team of volunteers. The stage and bar of the festival are part of a big roofed hay-rack, which you can easily spot from the road on your left when driving from Železniki.

The name of the festival translates as "tumult", which captures the genres of music you can hear on the festival as well as the commotion that happens in the front lines of the audience below the stage. The festival is known as a relaxed summer punk weekend, which offers cacophonous music, free camping along with food and drinks. When attending the festival, ordering limonce at the bar is a must. Not far from the festival's site the bravest can swim in the Sora River, for it is not one of the cleanest waters.


The festival, which has kept a low punk profile despite its many-year tradition, has featured numerous (and very different) Slovene and foreign rock musicians, among them 3 Tone Tamas, Ana Pupedan, CZD, Damir Avdić, Dance Mamblita, Disdrug This Fuck, Growing Rats, Grizzly Madams, Iron Lung, Let3, Muškat Hamburg, Nikki Louder, No limits, Overflow, Panaceja, Pankeroši, Pridigarji, Ruins Matador, Salamandra Salamandra, and Tavžntroža.

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