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Liminal, Zavod za družbeno transfuzijo, kreativno in uporabno znanost
Brilejeva 3, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Liminal is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation established in 2008 to present and promote the latest developments in the fields of anthropology, the humanities and social sciences. It employs a variety of means, from art to research to science, to publicise the findings of anthropological research.


The founding members of the institute, Špela Kalčić, Alja Adam, Jana Drašler, Neža Mrevlje, and Katarina Župevc, stated the word "liminal" stands for the activities and values the organisation fosters, that is, hybridity, fluidity, novel ideas, and marginal perspectives. The partnerships the institute has developed reflect this commitment – Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (ISH), the Institute of Strategy and Development Analysis (IRSA), Inštitut za antropološke raziskave (IAR), the Slovene Ethnology and Anthropology Association KULA (which publishes the KULA Journal), the Society of Allies for Soft Landing, Krško (DZMP), the Association pour la Promotion de la Nature et dela Culture (IZAT) from Nigeria, POD Teatar from Srbija, and many others.

Programme overview

The institute consists of a research centre, an education, and a study excursions programme (to Nigeria, Algeria, etc.). In addition to publishing activities (Women on the Edge [Ženske na robu], published by the founding members), it also engages in a number of Liminal projects, such as the travel blog E-migrator and Stories across Europe [Zgodbe križem Evrope], an interdisciplinary project that links literature, photography, and anthropology.

In 2012 the institute participated in the Cultural Capital of Europe 2012 in Maribor with the project United States TAM-TAM [Združene države TAM-TAM], an attempt to provide the grounds for a symbolic as well as real redistribution of goods and services.

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