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Contact info
Fabianijeva nagrada
DUPPS, Karlovška cesta 3, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 31 278 516
Founded byTown and Spatial Planning Association of Slovenia
 Maks Fabiani Foundation
 Ministry of Culture
 Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
Liljana Jankovič Grobelšek, President
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Instituted in 2005, the Maks Fabiani Award was first awarded in 2006 and subsequently given every two years. It is presented for outstanding achievements in urban and spatial planning in Slovenia. This encompasses not only actual, realised works, but also research and analysis papers, urban theory contributions and similar. Aside from the main award, there are also the so-called special mentions, which are given to projects that do not merit the main award.

Both are the basis for the nomination for the biannual European Urban and Regional Planning Awards, given out by the European Council of Spatial Planners (ECTP). The latter is an umbrella association of the main European spatial planning institutes.

Award recipients

Some of the recipients so far were the architects Boris Podrecca and Marko Lavrencic who planned the city square in Idrija, and – for a rather different project - Andrej Pogacnik, who wrote an analysis about the optimal introduction of regions into the Slovenian administrative apparatus. Another awarded project was a collectively authored research paper on a new spatial plan for the Municipality of Ljubljana, which had in 2008 actually gotten an ECTP special mention. In that year, as in 2014, the main award was not presented due to none of the works being remarkable enough.

International call for projects

In the Fabiani's Year 2015 the Maks Fabiani Award is for the first time an international award, bestowed for the 2005–2015 achievements of exceptional work in urban design, urban planning, regional planning, or spatial planning carried out in Slovenia and neighboring Austria, Italy, Croatia, and Hungary.

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