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Contact info
Društvo Osum
Beethovnova 14, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 251 9121
Matej Filipčič, Director
Phone386 (0) 31 308 186
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The Osum Association was established in 2003 by Matej Filipčič, who has made a name for himself as an architect, an actor (during the 1990s he acted in performances by Tomaž Štrucl and Barbara Novakovič) (Muzeum Institute), a dancer (Melancholic Thoughts by Fourklor), a stage designer (at Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL) and Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana) and a director of his own performances.

Matej Filipčič engages in the production and post-production of contemporary theatre in juxtaposition with architecture. His authorial theatre projects that are based on classic artworks or historical themes (Death in Venice, Personae, Tosca, Marie Antoinette) has been often translated into exhibition or film medium.

Theatre projects

Since 2000, Matej Filipčič has conceived, directed and designed the sets for a line of independent authorial architecture-theatre projects: Interiors, 2000, Osum, 2002, Sanset, 2004, Ko mine (When it goes by), 2005, La La La..., 2007, Tosca, 2008, Marie Antoniette, 2010, A melancholic croquis, 2015. The performances were presented at international festivals in Potsdam, Reims, Paris, and Naples.

Theatre objects and exhibitions

Matej Filipčič devotes special attention to theatrical space and objects in correlation with the narrative. In 2000, he mounted Theatre objects, a retrospective exhibition of his sets and theatre elements at the Jakopič Gallery, where the gallery exhibits carried the narration and the memory of the performances. His further theatre-gallery exhibits were Marie Antoinette, 2011, and A Crack In A Cosmic Egg, 2017.

Short film

The Filipčič’s theatre performances architectural structure is reminiscent of film framing and thus naturally led to the translation of his two theatre performances (Osum and Interieri) into film medium.

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