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Contact info
Oddelek za arhiviranje in dokumentacijo RTV Slovenia
Kolodvorska, SI-1550 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 475 3616
Fax386 (0) 1 475 2108
Managed byRadio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia)
Maja Bezjak, Head of Radio Archive
Phone386 (0) 1 475 2523
Aleksander Lavrečič, Head of TV Archive, documentalist researcher
Phone386 (0) 1 475 3610

The RTV Archives and Documentation Service contains recordings of radio and television programmes produced by Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia), plus documentation dating back to the establishment of Radio Ljubljana in 1928. The archive and documentation service has been collecting the material since its inception in 1958 – the year of the first regular television broadcasting at Televizija Slovenija.

The department managing the digitalisation of the sound recordings archives was founded in 2008.

Documentation and archive overview

The audio holdings (mostly from the period since 1945) include 180,000 audio tapes, 25,000 gramophone records, and 7,500 CDs.

The visual holdings mostly cover the period from after 1958. They comprise 20,000,000 metres of film (mostly 16mm format). Featured are 30,000 hours of films of its own production as well as various unpublished materials. There are also 90,000 video tapes, about 23,000 pieces of magnetic tapes, 400,000 photos, and 130,000 files of textual documents relating to the video material (scripts, scenarios, etc). The archive of daily-informative programme is the most comprehensive one and amounts for 1,650,300 meters of film tape.

There is also a vast archive of newspapers and magazines from all over the world as well as 20,000 books and booklets that were produced by RTV departments.


Written application is required for access to the archive and fees are levied for using the facility. The archives and its holdings are constantly updated. Catalogues are computerised and reproductions can be made in the documentation service by the user. Culture-related subjects include theatre, opera, operetta/musical, ballet/dance, pantomime, children's theatre, puppet theatre, cabaret, amateur theatre, cinema, music performances and public celebrations.

Some of the more recent audio-video material has been digitalised and can be found on the RTV-SLO website.

The EUScreen archives project

In 2011 the RTV Slovenia Archives joined the international project EUScreen funded by the European Commission. The EUscreen.eu web portal brings together over a century of film and television content, covering topics from culture and sports to the various social and political events which importantly shaped the 20th century.

It is an interoperable digital collection of television materials (besides videos also texts, sound recordings and photographs), contributed and developed by 39 partners from 19 countries. The presented materials were curated by the participating archives and feature 19 languages. Sometimes they are subtitled in English.

The project was initiated in 2009 by as a joint consortium that among others features the global network of broadcast archives FIAT/IFTA and the EDL Foundation. The later is responsible for Europana, the European digital library and a cultural heritage hub that among other things also encompasses EUScreen materials.

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