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Javni Zavod Trubarjevi Kraji
Rašica 69, SI 1315 Velike Lašče
Phone386 (0) 1 788 1006
Boris Zore, Director

The Trubarjevi kraji Public Institute was established by the Velike Lašče Municipality in 2006. The mission of the institute is the preservation, presentation, research, promotion, and tourist marketing of the cultural and natural heritage of the Velike Lašče Municipality. It takes care of sustainable development, protection, and permanent activity of selected important national cultural monuments: Turjak Castle and its surroundings as a seat of the Auerspergs who were historically one of the most, if not the most, important noble families in the Carniola Region; the Trubar Homestead in Rašica, home of the protestant preacher and superintendent for the Slovene lands Primož Trubar (1508–1586) who wrote the first book in Slovenian language in 1550. As part of the homestead, the administration of the Trubarjevi kraji Public Institute and the Art Gallery Skedenj, Rašica are situated there.

The institute also administers the Levstik House – Memorial Rooms of Fran Levstik and Josip Stritar in the town of Velike Lašče, which presents the collection of two great Slovene writers and politicians from the 19th century who have their roots in the region Fran Levstik(1831–1887), born in Dolnje Retje, and Josip Jurčič (1844–1881), born in Muljava pri Stični.


The tourist offer of the institute includes insights into ethnological, sacral, cultural, and natural heritage and hiking. The European hiking trail E-6 and E-7 crosses here and leads to an amazing walk through the diverse landscape with hills, forests, streams, waterfalls, meadows, farms and castles, churches and Roman ruins (Claustra Alpium Iuliarum). On every hill, a medieval church or chapel is built, which is a very unique feature for the Slovene cultural landscape, and connected with pilgrimage trails. The following churches are under the Trubarjevi kraji Public Institute supervision and well worth a visit: the Church of Mary the Queen of Angels on Velika Slevnica, St Lenart in Krvava Peč, St Ahac on the Mountain, and St Primož and St Felician in Zgonče.

With the collaboration of the Parnas Institute, Trubarjevi kraji Public Institute also organises educational programmes, workshops, creative guiding tours and various courses. Turjak Castle is one of the sites of Seviqc Brežice Festival where medieval and renaissance concerts are taking place in authentic environment during the warm summer months.


Art and history exhibitions are organised in Art Gallery Skedenj in Trubar Homestead in Rašica Every year there is an open call for art projects that is also supported by Velike Lašče Municipality.

For the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Primož Trubar in 2008, the Trubarjevi kraji Public Institute organised around 40 different manifestations and cultural events around Slovenia. With the collaboration of the Slovene School Museum an important historical exhibition Protestant Schooling in Slovenia was made and followed by catalogues and expert papers on the matter.

Regarding the importance of the monuments and collections they manage, Trubarjevi kraji Public Institute has an ambition to become a museum institution of national importance.

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Javni Zavod Trubarjevi Kraji +
SI 1315 Velike Lašče +
The Trubarjevi kraji Public Institute was established by the Velike Lašče Municipality in 2006. +
The Trubarjevi kraji Public Institute was established by the Velike Lašče Municipality in 2006. +