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Sindikat are a DJ and VJ collective based in Ljubljana and Berlin. The three core members of the collective (Dečko z vlečko, CASIOp, and Emulgator) started to shake the underground and mainstream club scene in 2006, when the time was ripe to perform gender bender and queer parties at venues that were usually not strictly considered as gay-friendly. Over the years and after a series of performances, these genuine camp, trash and kitsch lovers built a solid fan base in the musical and art scene.


The name of the collective, alluding to insider's term for undercover homosexual union, became a synonym for syndical parties and happenings. The collective started to perform with theme DJ and VJ sets in Klub Monokel, Gala hala and Klub Gromka at Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Zone. Soon, Sindikat also started to perform regularly in venues like Klub K4 and as guests at the 13th edition of City of Women International Festival of Contemporary Arts. The theme performances for polysexual audiences were references to popular cultural artefacts and TV series (Sindikat at the Bellevue Clinic, Sindikat reconciles with the robots, etc.).


Sindikat performed as a warm-up for several artists and DJs, including Princess Superstar, Khan, Hercules & Love Affair, Lollobrigida, Jessica 6, DigiKid 84, and many others. In 2008, was Sindikat together with other art collectives (BridA, Stripburger, Grupa Ee, ZEK Crew, etc.) a part of an exhibition in Škuc Gallery that examined the questions of authorship, working processes and networking. The members also performed a walk-in closet drama Hepi Tügéder at a bar Pri Zelenem Zajcu in Ljubljana.

The DJs from the collective also performed at the Queer Zagreb Festival in Croatia, Porn Film Festival in Berlin and International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns in Ljubljana.

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