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Jaka Babnik


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Past Events

Photographer, film director, publisher, photography editor. Since 1998, Jaka Babnik has been involved as a founder in various photography-based publishing projects (skateboard magazine Pendrek (1998–2006), trans-Balkan street magazine Kontejner (2006–2009), and recent Rostfrei Publishing House (since 2012)).

Since 2007, he has pursued an artistic career and has exhibited several notable photographic series such as Top Location (2017), dedicated to the fairly recent phenomenon of sculptures and installations positioned on roundabouts in Slovenia; Why so Serious (2016–2017) featuring a series of paradoxical "Thomasson" situations in the Balkan region; or We are Dogs! (2007), a subtle photographic essay on dog fights.

Babnik works also as a professional photographer, offering services to various (cultural) organisations and artists (for example, Slovene People’s Theatre (SLG) Celje, International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Švicarija Art Centre, Slowind). Some of this work is featured in the portfolio below.

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