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Launched in 2002 by the Improvisation Society of Slovenia, the Naked Stage International Improvisational Theatre Festival presents a selection of representative performances of the impro theatres round the world.
5 April 2023 02:01:54
Anton Podbevsek Theatre 2010 Zadnji Livingstonov poljub Photo Borut Peterlin.jpg
Established in May 2005, Anton Podbevšek Theatre (APT) is the youngest Slovenian professional theatre house and the first professional theatre in the history of Novo mesto, a town in the south-eastern region of Slovenia.
23 March 2021 17:50:22
Plesna izba 2009 Sugar Rush Photo Sasa Huzjak.jpg
Foto: Saša Huzjak
Sugar Rush, Platforma festival, 2009
23 March 2021 17:33:13
improviser Marina Džukljev

| at = Izba | in = Novi Sad | country = Serbia | from = 23 November 2018

| program
improvisation to experimental sound processing and multi-modal composition. The latter incorporated moving pictures, radio

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