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31 May 2010 09:48:18
Miš Publishing House 2019 Slovene Book Fair.jpg
Miš Publishing House was initially a company well known for around 15 years as an important distributor of selected books to public and school libraries.
22 March 2021 13:10:05

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Jazz Kamp Kranj is an international event that combines an extensive workshop programme with a festival series of evening concerts in the city of Kranj.
5 March 2023 08:41:20
Šerpa Literary Art Association (LUD Šerpa) was founded in 2003 as a non - profit publisher of books by Slovene authors, translations of historical avant-garde texts which have not hitherto been published in Slovenian, and marginal texts by well-known authors.
22 March 2021 13:32:51
Tuma - Pozabljena polovica - 05.jpg
its first thirteen years.
22 March 2021 13:34:41
Predjama Castle 2006 medieval tournament.JPG
One of the most picturesque castles in Slovenia, Predjama Castle is built into an overhanging rock in front of a karst cave hall that is connected with a cave system underneath the castle.
30 May 2021 11:23:24
Nukleus Film Slovenia is a film production company.
16 July 2021 23:24:38
The Slovene PEN Centre is the Slovene branch of International PEN, a worldwide association of writers founded in 1921 with the aim to promote literature, defend freedom of expression and work for peaceful coexistence between nations.
7 June 2021 21:26:28
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