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The band as such hasn't performed for a long time now.

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Starting as a string quartet in 2004, Godalika are a curious hybrid of chamber music, ethno influences, jazz dynamics, and pop sensibilities. Consisting of Jelena Ždrale and Klemen Bračko on violin, Tomaž Sekne on viola, and Kleme Hvala on violoncello, they recorded their first album in 2006. Called Time 2 Start, it was released by the DruGod label and was written and produced by the guest bass player Nino de Gleria. It has gotten them favourable reviews and a number concerts and gigs on various festivals such as Druga Godba Festival, Lent Festival, Days of Poetry and Wine Festival and also in New York as a part of a presentation of the Slovene music scene. Being a flexible band in terms of eclectic musical expression and a varied cast, they have also created music scores for television, film, and theatre productions and played a part in some other projects.

The songMisli ogenj [Think fire] by Godalika & Personnel. Lyrics by poet Aleš Šteger.

Godalika were never quite content with being a string quartet only, and in their first album they were accompanied by their more or less regular fifth band member Nino de Gleria. They also started collaborating with the singer Nuša Trobec and some other musicians and at first performed as Neža in Godalika. The collaboration has recently been upgraded, as they recorded a yet to be released album and are currently performing under the name Godalika & Personnel, again featuring Nino de Gleria and also Luka Ropret on guitar. The album revolves around music covers of some of the classic and current Slovene poets (Srečko Kosovel, Edvard Kocbek, Lili Novy, Janez Menart, Aleš Šteger). Other musicians that have at one time or another been a part of the band are also Drago Ivanuša on accordion and Aleš Rendla on drums.

The musicians from Godalika (& Personnel) are otherwise very active and sought after musicians, who play or have played in numerous other projects, such as Brina, Lolita, Fake Orchestra, Bratko Bibič & The Madleys, Sur, Srp, and others.

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