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Due to an untimely and premature passing of one of Bruno Subiotto in 2016, the band is no more.

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Incurabili are, as implied by their name which means "incurable" in Italian, irreparable rock'n'rollers who seem to be in search of the genre's origin and roots. Niko Novak and Bruno Subiotto have both been correspondents of the Radio Študent (RŠ) music editorial office and have been been playing together somewhere in the underground of blues and rock'n'roll since 2009.'


Incurabili established themselves as a lo-fi blues duet in 2009, but both members have a strong connection to the Slovene independent rock scene since way before that. They gained notoriety playing in bands such as Dicky B. Hardy, Kiks, The Spoons, Matchless Gift, Borghesia and Hic et Nunc and have both been active members of the Radio Študent (RŠ) music editorial. Thus it came as no surprise when they recorded their first Incurabili demo songs in that same radio's studio. The band members are not very keen on talking about themselves so you won't find them doing many interviews, but you will be able to find them playing smaller, underground venues and also more extensive tours and festivals.

Concerts and touring

In December 2012, Incurabili did a short stint in Argentina playing some legendary Buenos Aires venues. Their tour was supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Buenos Aires.

March 2013 marked a special occasion in the band's existence: Incurabili performed at TRESK Festival which was held at Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture. In the spirit of the performing artist appearing in the most unusual parts of the venue, Incurabili performed in the women's restroom.

In June 2013, they played as support to Kurt Vile and the Violators at their Ljubljana Castle gig organised by Buba Booking and Promotion. The same year, they were also members of the "Slovenian roster" playing at Terraneo Festival in Šibenik, Croatia, along with N'Toko, New Wave Syria, Your Gay Thoughts and Napravi mi dete.


The bands has a very fruitful relation with ZARŠ Records, where the have released their first album Whenever You're Ready (2010), then followed by Fine With Me (2011), Sure (2011) and Fair Enough (2014).

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