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Frančiškanski arhivi in samostanska knjižnica Ljubljana
Prešernov trg 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 242 9300, 386 (0) 1 242 9310
Fax386 (0) 1 242 9313
Stane Zore, Head

The Franciscan monastery, established 1646 in Ljubljana, still houses a precious library, but only registry data remain of the old monastery archives. In 2009 the Franciscan Archives and Library loaned some items from its archive for an exhibition Copernicus in Slovenia which featured books by Nicolaus Copernicus and two Slovene astronomers at the National and University Library (NUK).


The Franciscan Order came to Ljubljana in 1233. A church featuring Roman Baroque architecture was built in 1646 and a monastery was established in 1647. The interior of the church – notably Francesco Robba's altar and the frescoes by Matej Sternen – is of major significance. After the closure of the monastery by Joseph II in 1784 the monastery buildings became a grammar school until 1903, when they were pulled down.


Since the monastery archives were not preserved, today's archival materials are of a recent date, comprising mostly birth, death, and marriage records; older documents are preserved at the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia. However, the rich library contains 70,000 items, including 30,000 items which are more than 200 years old. Only a few items are listed in the COBISS programme as the institution's classification system has not yet been digitised.

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