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JEFF Jazz Etno Funky Festival
Cankarjeva 9a, SI-6000 Koper
Organised byZavod JEFF
Frequencyannual (not happening in 2018)
Festival dates12.7.2017 - 16.8.2017

The last edition of the Jazz Ethno Funky Festival took place in 2017.

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The Jazz Ethno Funky Festival (or JEFF, as it is often abbreviated) was established in 2003 and was held annually till 2017. True to its name, the festival staged a varied and international set of musicians who in one way or another touch upon the stated coordinates of jazz, folk and funk music, and is yet also open to some other expressions. It took place on summer evenings in the old part of the city of Koper, at the courtyard of the Koper Regional Museum, as well as some other places throughout the city.

The festival presented, besides the Baladoor Jazz Festival, one of the few occasions where this sort of music was regularly presented in the coastal region.


In its first three years, JEFF was held at the Bar Circolo and was run by the Koper Student Club and the Italian Community "Santorio Santorio" Koper. With 2006, the festival moved to the garden (or, in case of rain, the atrium) of the Koper Regional Museum and has been since then organised solely by the Student Club, who has for the purpose of running the festival established the JEFF Institute in 2014. JEFF usually lasts for 6 separate days in July and August, with about two concerts per evening.


The festival has hosted a number of notable bands and artists. Some of them are Gwen Hughes (US), Kelvis Ochoa (CU), Mahnimal (BR), Otto Lechner's Die Wiener Ziehharmoniker (AT), Martin Lubenov Trio (BG), Die Resonanz (AT), Dazhbog Ensemble (SI, MK), Gramatik, Vasko Atanasovski & Mljask, Perpetuum Jazzile, New Swing Quartet, Fake Orchestra, Olivija, Terrafolk, Katalena, Sedef, Litošt, Kaja Draksler Acropolis Quartet.

The side programme usually takes the form of music workshops, photography and painting exhibitions and different culinary presentations. As of recently, there is also a film and theatre programme, based on a public call for works on a given topic.

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