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Zavod Poza, produkcija in organizacija
Prijateljeva ulica 21, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Founded byJure Novak

Established in 2009, the Poza Institute exists to co-produce the theatre and music projects of its founder, Ljubljana-based actor, director, musician and translator Jure Novak. Novak is best known as the director of a highly acclaimed trilogy of plays developed in collaboration with actor Katarina Stegnar and playwright Urška Brodar. The plays explore, respectively, depression, aggression and transgression.


The first play in the trilogy, Jure Novak: Zato sem srečen (Jure Novak: Reasons To Be Happy), premiered at Glej Theatre in December 2011, and was performed at the Drugajanje Festival in 2012 and the Prelet Festival in 2013. Like all the plays in the trilogy, it was produced by Glej and co-produced by Poza. Katarina po naročilu (Katarina on Demand) followed in 2015, with subsequent performances at the Mladi Levi Festival and Prelet in the same year, at the Week of Slovenian Drama in 2016, and at the Trigger Festival in 2020.

Orgija (Orgy), the final play in the trilogy and the first to feature all three creators performing on stage together, premiered at Glej in November 2017. HNK Zajc Theatre in Rijeka, where some of the script was developed, joined Poza on the co-production team, with support also coming from the Slovenian Embassy in Zagreb. The play was subsequently revived at the 2019 Sex and Theatre Festival, which was organised by the Mladinsko Theatre (SMG) and Maska Institute.

Two further projects, though not co-produced by Poza, deserve mention here: Pasja procesija (A Dog's Procession, 2017), a children's show based on the songs of Svetlana Makarovič, directed by Novak and produced jointly by the Mladinsko Theatre and Kino Šiška; and Karaoke (2020), a sci-fi musical staged by the Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL).


Novak also performs as one half of the experimental punk cabaret duo Natriletno kolobarjenje s praho with multi-instrumentalist Uroš Buh. Their second album, Iz konteksta (2018), featured executive production from Poza. The duo has also performed at the Maribor Theatre Festival.

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