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Studio 360 d.o.o.
Metelkova 7b, SI-1000 Ljubljana
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Yes Studio 360 2008 author Lidija Dragisic.jpgYes project by Lidija Dragišić, 2008

Founded in 2005 by Lidija Dragišić and Vladan Srdić, Studio 360 is about "thinking 360" in the field of branding and "doing 360" in the field of architecture. Studio 360 offers services in brand positioning, advertising, information graphics and web design as well as solutions for architecture projects, exhibition set-up, event, interior and furniture design. Their work has been presented in many international publications and exhibitions.

Projects and presentations

Projects in the field of branding and graphic design have been made for companies such as Gorenje, Ericsson, Candy-Hoover among others, as well as for institutions like the Slovene Ministry of Justice or the Consulate of the Republic of Angola. In the field of arts and culture they have worked for the Slovene Ethnographic Museum (the Sudan Mission exhibition set-up in May 2009), Mladina magazine, Magdalena International Festival of Creative Communication, the International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Rambo Amadeus, Katarina Venturini, the duo Bojan Gorišek/Milko Lazar, Duško Radović Theatre, KCB, the Torpedo Theatre Group, Vrooom, etc.

Studio 360 was presented at the Belgrade Design Week and at the Austrian Design Festival Assembly in Graz, the Pecha-Kucha Night Ljubljana and at the first TED conference in Belgrade. The studio's works were also included into the Young Blood Export exhibition that toured to Prague, Ljubljana, Bratislava and Vienna and mapped the youngest architectonic scene in the region of Central Europe.

The work of Studio 360 has been featured or included in various media in the field of visual communications and graphic design, in the Art Directors Club of Europe Annual Book, the directory of international package design noAH-8, Color & Layout by Harper Collins Publishers, the European Design Awards Book, Graphis, Novum, Print, New Moment and the anniversary edition of Neshan Magazine.

One of the latest architectural projects by Studio 360 (Lidija Dragišić) and login:PUST Arhitekti (Uroš Pust) is the Trnovo Church Agape Pavilion. It is designed as a multi-purpose cultural and social space. The idea is to maintain a discreet and respectful relationship with the surroundings: a concrete wall is overgrown with the Plečnik House vines and the mirrored-ceiling reflects the scenery below as a metaphor of heaven on earth.


Studio 360 has been awarded a number of prizes at domestic and international festivals, including: Golden Griffon (1998, 2002, 2004, 2006); the Golden and Silver Prizes at the Golden Drum Advertising Festival of New Europe in 1998 and 2001; Magdalena Golden Bra Award in 2001; and the Honorary Diploma of the ADC New York and D&AD Global Awards in 2007. For the CD cover Necessarily Two (German jazz musicians Peter Wegele and Annedore Wienert), the studio was nominated for the Brumen Award, Designpreis Deutschland and awarded the Bronze at the European Design Awards at the ED Festival in Zürich in 2008. Studio 360 received the Brumen Award twice: for the CD-cover Two Pianos (2007) and for the corporate identity of Parking Ltd (2009).

In 2010, their proposal for the new elementary school sports-centre and kindergarten Dobrepolje received first prize. The project coauthors were: Breda Bizjak, Katja Florjanc, Emir Jeklić, Ajda Vogelnik Saje.

Studio 360 won a silver prize at the 2013 edition of Slovene Advertising Festival (SOF) for the signage system for Citypark Shopping Mall (in the Identity award category).

In 2019, an EU-flag designed by Studio 360 for a competition by Mladina magazine was recognised as one of the best in Slovenia by a Brumen Award.


Lidija Dragišić graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana and received an MA in industrial design from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. At the survey exhibition of Architects' Society of Ljubljana (DAL) in 2009, she presented two projects (a business premises in Ljubljana and residential houses in Komenda).

Vladan Srdić graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and since 1998 has worked as an art and creative director in advertising agencies (Saatchi & Saatchi, Y&R) and design projects in Germany, Austria, Canada, the Netherlands, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia. Among others, his works have been showcased in the book Geographics: Atlas del diseño gráfico contemporaneo, a new edition of the Barcelona-based Maomao publications, and selected among 100 best designers' work in the Contemporary Graphic Design publication by Taschen. Vladan Srdić is a member of D&AD, ULUPUDS and Art Directors Club of Serbia.

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Studio 360 d.o.o. +
Studio 360 d.o.o. +
SI-1000 Ljubljana +
Metelkova 7b +
Founded in 2005 by Lidija Dragišić and Vladan Srdić, Studio 360 is about "thinking 360" in the field of branding and "doing 360" in the field of architecture. +
Founded in 2005 by Lidija Dragišić and Vladan Srdić, Studio 360 is about "thinking 360" in the field of branding and "doing 360" in the field of architecture. +
+386 / 1 431 3312 +
Ljubljana +
SI-1000 +
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