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Contact info
SubArt Festival
Organised byKUD SubArt
Frequencyannual (2020 edition cancelled due to Covid-19)
Festival dates6.7.2012 - 14.7.2012
5.7.2013 - 13.7.2013
4.7.2013 - 12.7.2013
3.7.2015 – 11.7.2015
1.7.2016 – 9.7.2016
30.6.2017 - 9.7.2017
28.6.2018 - 8.7.2018
28.6.2019 - 8.7.2019
Darjan Kruševac, Head of the festival
Kolodvorska cesta 8, SI-4000 Kranj
Phone386 (0) 51 829 729
Kolodvorska cesta 8, SI-4000 Kranj
Online accounts:

SubArt Festival was launched in 2009 in Kranj and is nowadays one of the premier summer festivals in town, presenting various alternative musical acts, movie screenings, photography exhibitions, theatre shows, and street performances. Taking place at different locations (Layer House, Trainstation Squat, Rock Bar Down Town and the city streets), this week-long festival enlivens the long days of summer in Kranj.


The festival's first edition was a humble affair that presented the local rock and punk bands. It was organised by SubArt, a local cultural NGO, that already in 2010 set up a much more ambitious event which not only consisted of music performances, but was coupled with skate sessions, various workshops, and a fire performance. The concerts themselves were a curious international mix of metal, klezmer, punk and ethno, and took place at Rock Bar Down Town. The festival was more or less held there until 2012, when Trainstation Squat was opened and a part of the festival moved there, with a similar thing happening 2 years later when another new venue, called the Layer House, was opened.


While the festival used to cater to more punk and metal audiences, this orientation was soon redefined and started encompassing reggae, hip hop, rock, jazz, techno and more. Some of the hosted musicians from abroad were Edo Maajka (BA), Korai Trancemission (HU), Joke (FR), Repetitor (RS), Trankilesha (FR), and Kultur Shock (US). Of the local ones, one can mention Demolition Group, Fake Orchestra, Raggalution, Vasko Atanasovski Trio, Red Five Point Star, Godscard, and Dead Dildo Drome.

The additional programme consists of a plethora of activities. Besides the abovementioned ones there are also slacklining and yoga sessions, garage sales, urban light shows, circus, cabaret, graffiti workshops, and events for children.

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