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Alenka Pirman

The research of the cultural heritage field is interdisciplinary, ranging from archaeology, art history, ethnology, and anthropology to museology. The preservation and restoration of heritage in Slovenia date back to the year 1913. You can learn more about its history and development in this overview.

On the list below, you can find Slovenian universities, faculties and departments, scientific institutes and research centres, academic publishers and journals, and the conservation agencies of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia. There are also museum institutions in the public sector that have engaged in the research of natural and cultural heritage. Their libraries are invaluable resources for researchers of different disciplines.

The policies of conservation and protection of cultural heritage have been developed and managed by the Ministry of Culture. The conservation of natural heritage, however, falls under the Slovenian Environment Agency within the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. Over 13% of Slovenia's territory falls within protected areas. Nevertheless, some exquisite cases of overlap between cultural and natural heritage can be found on the Culture.si portal as well.


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