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The band ended its path in 2017.

Archival article

The Kojn are a noise rock duet from Črni Graben consisting of Miha Ovca on drums and Marko Kos on guitar. They have been challenging the stereotypes of the genre anew since 2011 when they were established on the remains of the band Schnaps. These primal, sincere, and authentic inveterate romantics are always a treat to see live and listen to.

The Kojn's song "Slovenske ptičke" from their 2012 album We Really Like Beautiful Flowers.


The Kojn came to life in 2011. Miha and Marko, The Kojn's sole driving forces at the time, started the band after the dissolution of Schnaps, the band they previously both played in. They played some of their first shows with the German noise-punk duo Die Infantillerie and another Sloveneduet It's Everyone Else in the autumn of 2011. In the spring of 2012, they self-released their first record We Really Like Beautiful Flowers and opened for Spock Studios together with Bownr and Nikki Louder. They joined forces with the latter and embarked on a tour of the Balkans together. The Kojn also played Trnje Festival and Kamfest that same year and got chosen to join the Club Marathon tour of 2012.

They conspired with other Slovene (Ludovik Material, Veteran Kozmosa, Dežurni krivci) and foreign bands – 1000 Mods, Repetitor, Daikiri, Skadne Krek and Bug. In 2014, The Kojn continue to play their chaotic but cathartic shows and they are rumoured to be adding a new member to the band which would mean more guitar and more beneficent noise. Miha also remains a member of the Rnka Rnka team.

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