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It's Everyone Else are Lucijan Prelog and Pika Golob, a rather special duo of a very loud musical persuasion. Their music is a unique merge of hardcore, industrial, electro and rock, seasoned with a generous dose of distortion and some pop sensibility. Their weapons of choice are two pairs of keyboards and samplers, a drum machine and their own screaming, excruciating vocals.

They established the band in 2009, at first calling themselves Hold Your Horses. One year after they were chosen to participate in the Club Marathon tour, already showing a formidable live presence. Their live shows are direct, loud and unpredictable. They usually perform under the stage and thus truly close to the audience, with whom they interact in often daring ways. Mosh pits very often spontaneously take place.

It's Everyone Else 2011.jpgIt's Everyone Else group portrait, 2011

In 2014 the pair moved to Leipzig, where they live and work.


Their first album, Is it me?, was self-released in 2012. In 2014, they were taken under the wings of Noise Appeal Records, a label from Vienna that released their breakthrough album New Religion.

Concerts and touring

It's Everyone Else opened for Atari Teenage Riot show in Kino Šiška and for Monno on Metelkova as early as 2011. Their gigs in clubs around Slovenia are, as a rule, well-attended as the local audience is eagerly aware of their potency. In 2016, they played at MENT Ljubljana.

The pair has also extensively toured Europe; starting with a joint tour with Ludovik Material in 2012, when they performed in clubs in ex-Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. During the years that followed, they also toured together with Hexenbrutal, the rapper N'Toko and the Canadian rock outfit Dearly Beloved.

It's Everyone Else has played in the better part of Europe, most often doing solo gigs. Some of the festivals they've been recently invited to are Pohoda Festival (SK), Rock Is Hell Fest (AT), Eurosonic Noorderslag (NL) and SuperUho Festival (HR).


In 2015, Pika had a solo outing, releasing an EP under the name Miswired.

It's Everyone Else 2010 Klub Gromka Photo Iztok Vidmar.jpgIt's Everyone Else, live act at Klub Gromka, 2010

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