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The small underground duo Rnka Rnka specialises in organising quite loud concerts of alternative musical groups. Since spring 2011 Rnka Rnka has been mostly booking unknown bands from abroad, with no special attitude towards their genre, but the music usually varies from progressive to noise and experimental. They also support local alternative bands such as Spock Studios, Žoambo Žoet Workestrao, Nikki Louder, Napravi mi dete, It's Everyone Else and ŠKM Banda by booking them as a support bands for Rnka Rnka shows around Slovenia.

Releases and collaborations

Rnka Rnka is also a small record label, thus far they have released 3 limited edition cassettes from Slovene experimental musician Gredoč, noise-rock band Nikki Louder and a split-tape from bands Man Zero and Threesome. The team frequently collaborates with venues Rdeča ostriga Club, Kotlovnica Youth Centre, Klub Gromka, and the independent booking team Specialka.

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