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Specialka is a rather small young team of music enthusiasts, who since 2011 have been booking music shows. Their primary activity involves organising almost-festival-like concerts with usually more than three appearances per show. Specialka frequently collaborates with Rnka Rnka, Klub Channel Zero, Gala hala, and Klub Menza pri koritu and is fond of rather alternative, obscure, and underground music styles.


Their first event was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's most acclaimed album Nevermind. Specialka managed to gather 13 Slovene musicians and bands (such as Bekko, Boštjan Narat, Hexenbrutal, It's Everyone Else, Moveknowledgement, Nikki Louder, Srečna mladina, ŠKM banda, and We Can't Sleep at Night), each of them making a unique cover of one song from Nirvana's second album from 1991. The event took place at Gala hala Summer Stage and sold out a couple of days in advance.

Another Specialka event was dvatisoč11 with the six most acclaimed Slovene bands from 2011 selected by the Specialka team, with ŠKM banda, Werefox, Čao Portorož, Nina Bulatovix, The Canyon Observer, and Joko Ono. In January 2012 the One Man Band Festival took place in Klub Menza pri koritu, but the highlight of Specialka's organisational skills took place in October 2012 with the event 24 Hour Party People, when 24 bands performed for 24 hours.


Specialka launched music webzine HRUPmag.com in autumn 2013. Following the footstep of former RSQ Magazine, the first official Slovene music webzine, Hrupmag is fond of alternative music genres with a strong focus on audiovisual content (Hrup TV). In December 2013 Hrupmag released a full length documentary Muzika je džabe or Music is free, problematizing current increase of so called free music phenomenon.

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