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The five-piece band Jardier is creating a contemporary amalgam of pop, rock, folk, and blues, knit together with a strikingly polished production. The group was built around its frontman Alex Raztresen in 2014, when he gradually gathered an experienced crew of musicians from renowned bands such as Srečna mladina and Moveknowledgement. Jardier have since fast gained widespread recognition and also some relatively high-profile gigs.

Urbano dejanje 2016 Jardier performing at UD Festival.jpg

Gigs and releases

The first release of Jardier came as a result of their participation in a Radio VAL202 project, called Imamo dobro glasbo (We have Good Music), which sought for new and fresh musical endeavours. Besides being featured on a compilation, they also presented their chosen musical piece live at Cvetličarna. Soon after, they were chosen to appear at the biggest Croatian festival INmusic 2014 by MENT Ljubljana, an international showcase festival where they are due to appear in February 2016.

The year 2015 saw the release of their eponymous début, which was hailed in some media as the surprise of the year and a definite refreshment on the mainstream rock scene in Slovenia. They've also played at Flow Festival, the Festival of Slovenian Film, and a number of clubs around Slovenia and were also invited (twice in 2015) to play at Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture.


The band consists of Alex Raztresen on guitar and vocals, Andrej Zavašnik on drums, Jure Pohleven on guitar and synths, Dejan Slak on bass guitar, and Borut Perše on guitar.

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