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Festival God Bless This Mess

Festival dates22.8.2015

The festival is currently inactive.

Archival article

The God Bless This Mess Festival was launched in 2006 in Murska Sobota by God Bless This Mess Records. It is an annual festival presenting the current roster of the label and at the same time also hosting interesting musicians from other labels, thus being one of the primary alternative music festivals in the region.

For most years, the God Bless This Mess Festival has been held at the courtyard of Murska Sobota Castle, home also to the MIKK Cultural Club. The festival also took place in another concert venue of the region, Ambasada ŠKM Beltinci, and has even had a few brief encounters with the city of Ljubljana in Klub Menza pri koritu. It has staged numerous curious alternative rock bands or electronica producers that have emerged in the past decade, such as Štefan Kovač Marko Banda, Stekli psi, Automassage, Hexenbrutal, Odpisani, Kleemar, New Wave Syria, Nikki Louder and many others. They have also invited foreign musicians, such as the the Croatian attractions Vuneny and Lollobrigida.

The God Bless This Mess crew also regularly collaborates with the Grossmann Film and Wine Festival. As selectors of the works for Grossman's music documentaries section (those competing for the Hrupni maček, or "Noisy Cat", Award), they even sometimes present the documentaries at their own festival.

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