Mladi levi Festival

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Festival Mladi levi
Slomškova 11, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 5 231 4492, 386 (0) 51 269 906
Organised byBunker Institute
Alma R. Selimović, Director
Festival dates22.8.2024 - 31.8.2024

230819 Mladi levi DUETI 035by.nada.zgank.jpgPerformance Duos by Czech artistic group Temporary Collective at the Mladi levi Festival in 2023. Author: Nada Žgank

The Mladi levi Festival (in English: Young Lions Festival) is an annual international festival of contemporary performing arts, organized by the Bunker Institute. It presents original approaches to theatre and dance, focusing on talented and emerging stage performers, along with presenting already established progressive authors. It takes place every end of the summer and was initiated in 1998 under the auspices of the international network Junge Hunde.

The festival has a distinctive atmosphere marked by creativity, vibrancy, and a social nature. It is an interdisciplinary place of exchange and cooperation, extending beyond the habitual local or international concepts.

Foto Nada Žgank publika Mladi levi IvoDimchev P project 001.jpgAudience at the Mladi levi Festival, Old Power Station. Author: Nada Žgank


In order to create circumstances where artists and audiences can meet, exchange experiences, and develop future collaborations, the festival invites artists to stay in Ljubljana for the entire length of the festival. This gives them a chance to see each other's work, have the time and opportunity to talk to other artists and audience members in an informal way, and plan future collaborations.

160819 Mladi levi otvoritev 039foto.nada.zgank.jpgThe opening of the Mladi levi Festival in Old Power Station. Author: Nada Žgank


The festival has thus far hosted authors such as Martine Pisani, Jérôme Bel, Ivo Dimchev, Eduard Gabia, Vera Mantero, Vitor Rua & Nuno Rebelo, Camille Boitel, the collective Les SlovaKs, The Collective 1927, Stefan Kaegi, Rimini Protokoll, Ivica Buljan, Francesca Grilli, Walid Raad, Tim Etchells, Ant Hampton, Chiara Bersani, Lucy McCormick, Jaha Coo, Beton Ltd., and numerous others, as well as organized a number of roundtables, workshops, and discussions.

230825 Mladi levi Neskoncna ljubezen by.nada.zgank (5).jpgPerformance Unending Love, or Love Dies, On Repeat Like It’s Endless, performed by Aaa Biczysko and Beverly D. Renekouzou at Mladi levi Festival in 2023. Author: Nada Žgank

During some editions, the festival journal Arena was published, covering the festival's performances. The contributions were mainly written by young writers in collaboration with the Maska Magazine. In 2010, it was also available online on the - Slovene theatre portal. In 2017, yet another outlet was created, a website portal for criticism called Kriterij, which was upgraded into in 2022, featuring critics of the performances and articles about connected topics.

Collaborations and venues

The festival collaborates with various producers and groups such as Beton Ltd., Sploh Institute, MoTA Museum of Transitory Art, Via Negativa, ProstoRož, and others. The festival also presented three emerging makers, former participants of the Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia.

Often, the festival opens important themes through performances and discussions. This happens in the format of Discussion Café, which takes place in public space under the trees, or through special events such as conferences, forums, or artistic activities (e.g., in the frame of the Mediterranean experiment Sostenuto, the festival also organized the project My Street, within which a street exchange focused on all sorts of exchange and sharing on the basis of solidarity in a direct and money-free spirit; the festival featured the forum about emotional materialism through the international project Trans-making, a conference about art and communities Create to Impact, and a conference about the themes of art and ecology in the frame of ACT – Art, Climate, Transition international network). In the 2024 edition, Mladi levi is hosting the Shared Landscapes international co-production with Rimini Protokoll featuring four days of performances happening in the woods.

In the past, the Mladi Levi Festival utilized various venues across Ljubljana, among them the Railway Museum of Slovenske železnice and Tovarna Rog, thus presenting new contemporary productions in juxtaposition with historical heritage. Since 2004, most of the home of the festival is at the Stara Elektrarna - Old Power Station; the performances are taking place there and in numerous other venues across Ljubljana, among which are Sports Society Tabor, Glej Theatre, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Španski borci Culture Centre. Some performances and discussions also take place in public space.

230818 Mladi levi Obmocje cloveka 085by.nada.zgank.jpgPerformance Human Territory by Slovenian artist Gregor Zorc, taking place at the Sports Society Tabor, Mladi levi Festival, 2023. Author: Nada Žgank

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230819 Mladi levi DUETI 035by.nada.zgank.jpgPerformance Duos by Czech artistic group Temporary Collective at the Mladi levi Festival in 2023. +
Performance Duos by Czech artistic group Temporary Collective at the Mladi levi Festival in 2023. +
Ljubljana +
SI-1000 +