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Indie-grad is an online platform for the promotion of Slovene independent music labels, providing information about their releases, band news, concerts, album reviews, and an online store. It was set up by Radio Študent (RŠ) in 2013 as a logical continuation of Radio Študent Records, TRESK Festival, and Club Marathon and their ongoing contribution to supporting and sustaining the independent music scene in Slovenia.


With the main focus on facilitating information about independent record labels, alternative bands and other relevant news, like concert dates and reviews, Indie-grad also provides a very systematic list of independent music production, full discography lists of various bands, and a list of relevant venues and supporting media. Indie-grad also strives to promote Slovene independent music production abroad, holds a web store with merchandise and records, and organises music events.

Supported labels

The list of labels collaborating with the platform includes: Radio Študent Records, Moonlee Records, Front Rock, FV Music, Rx:tx, Kapa Records, God Bless This Mess, On Parole Productions, Monofonika, Akord, Synaptic Pathways, Beton Records, Cheap Tunes Records, Panda Banda, Eat This Production, Downtown Recordings, Rnka Rnka, PharmaFabrik, l'innomable and Krep netlabel.

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